Our services

Our role is to offer advisory services during the process of the search and lease of warehouse areas, as well as renegotiation of existing lease agreements.

In our opinion the key to successful transactions is precise knowledge about the market and competition, experience in cooperation with the developers and property owners, as well as successful negotiation of the lease terms in order to secure the most convenient lease terms for the client.

We hope that our offer will fulfill your expectations.

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How you can benefit from Colliers International services?

  • Negotiation of the most favourable transactions terms
  • Advisory services and coordination of the entire process on behalf of the Client
  • Property viewing
  • Optimization of costs and location to provide the best solutions for the Client
  • Preparation of market reports and strategies based on Clients' individual needs
  • Access to the deepest and most current market knowledge
  • Consulting and support during negotiations
  • Transaction confidentiality
  • Transaction security - Colliers is always an independent consultant

Tenant representation

Colliers International provides a full scope of tenant representation services tailored to client’s individual needs. Our offer includes :

  • Optimization of costs and location to provide the best solutions for the Client
  • Search for warehouse area fitted to client’s needs
  • Negotiation of the most favorable lease terms
  • Consulting during negotiation of lease terms
  • Consulting and advisory services during finalization of the lease agreement

Renegotiation of lease agreements

Warehouse lease agreements renegotiation is a perfect approach for generation of savings in current economic climate. Carefully conducted process can guarantee costs savings for tenants from 20 to even 30%.

Who should renegotiate?

The renegotiation process of the lease agreement can be undertaken by any tenant. The achievable scale of savings depends on, volume of occupied space, market position of the tenant (if renegotiations are conducted individually) or an agency representing the tenant (when the renegotiation process is conducted by external experts).

Why should you renegotiate?

The prime reason and benefit of the renegotiation is a reduction of rent rate. Depending on the project, the team of Colliers International Professionals achieve costs savings on a level up to 20 - 30% of initial paid rent. In case of long term leases and leases of large amounts of space the savings can reach up to several milion Euros. Additional financial and organisational benefits result from the fact of avoiding necessity of moving to another location, what often results in loss of qualified employees and necessity of completing a new team.

Why still only few companies choose to renegotiate?

Our experience shows, that still only few companies choose to begin renegotiation process of warehouses lease agreements. Our interviews with clients have indicated that the reason that not many companies realizes how big the potential savings can be, due to renegotiation of the lease. Colliers International has almost 53% industrial market share, providing therefore comprehensive knowledge in this field.

BTS projects and relocation

We are in possession of a wide range of properties designated for production facilities and investment land located in special economic zones and we are capable of running Built-to-Suit projects. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to conduct this process quickly, knowing how to avoid certain problems and obstacles. We help our Clients to arrange the new space and adapt the area for production purposes and can also help to transfer production lines. The main advantages of BTS projects are:

  • Lease costs
  • Development fits client’s need every need
  • Good location (market analysis)
  • Market price of the property
  • Convenient legal environment (spatial planning and master plan in preparation)
  • Large transaction can cause higher competition among the developers

We advise not only in terms of choosing the best location for a particular factory but we also analyse the labor markets, public help programs, benefits for investors and advantages of special economic zones.

RTP Polska

Prologis Park Wrocław V

8 300 m2



MLP Gliwice

24 700 m2



Panattoni Park Bydgoszcz

3 820 m2




5 630 m2




13 400 m2



Zielona Góra

19 650 m2



Panattoni Park Wrocław VII

10 990 m2



Panattoni Park Pruszków II

22 960 m2



Panattoni Park Polkowice

6 480 m2



Panattoni Park Poznań IV

20 880 m2


Searching for investment areas and support of investment process

We offer you support during investment process

International and local investors more often perceive the Central and East European Market as attractive and safe for capital investment. Colliers’ Industrial department provides advisory services regarding investment projects allowing our Clients to facilitate the decision making process.

If the properties coordinated by Colliers are not suitable for our client, we begin an immediate search for land plots which will make it possible to complete the investment. Colliers has expertise allowing the scrutinization of the legal status of the property as well as its physical features. Our company can advise during all steps of acquiring all necessary permits (planning and building permit, environmental decisions etc). We can also provide property valuations, as well as investment and building consultancy services.

What can we do for you

  • Provide investment advisory services
  • Prepare reports and warehouse market analysis
  • Find appropriate land plots
  • Advise during obtainment of necessary permits
  • Provide land and property valuation services
  • Provide project management services