Jarocin - Warehouse-production facility

Wielkopolskie, Jarocin, 63-200, Powstańców Wielkopolskich 1

Jarocin - Warehouse-production facility –  general information

The property is located in the western part of the town of Jarocin, at Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street, within the national road no. 15 (Ostróda - Toruń - Gniezno - Krotoszyn - Trzebnica).

The property of 5.7 ha is built up with 3 buildings: a production and storage hall with a paint shop, an office and social building with a connector and a porter's shop. In the past, the property served as a furniture factory. The land is subject to perpetual usufruct.

The land is covered by the study of spatial conditions of the town and commune of Jarocin. The area is marked as P/U - these are the areas with the predominance of production facilities, warehouses and services.

The following utility networks run through the property:

  • electricity
  • water supply
  • sewerage
  • heating
  • telecommunications.

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Jarocin - Warehouse-production facility –  detailed information

Specyfikacja techniczna magazynu

Building's size -
Column grid -
Sprinklers -
Clear height -
Building depth -
Floor loading capacity -
Fire load -
Number of docks -
Level 0/0 gateways -
Railway siding -
Gantry -
Heating -


Area 57384 m2
Powierzchnia całkowita zabudowań 35360 m2
Warehouse -
Powierzchnia biurowo-socjalna 1484 m2
Production space 33876 m2
Parking dla samochodów osobowych yes
Parking dla samochodów ciężarowych yes
Fence -
Maneuvering yard yes
Completion date 1976

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